“The Road to Kempton Paved with Art”
2011 Hawk Mountain Arts Tour


Kempton artist Jonathan Bond will open his gallery to the public with a brand new collection of original works of art.  Bond’s exhibition will coincide with the 6th Annual Hawk Mountain Arts Tour and Sale on Saturday, June 4 from 10am until 4pm.

Bond will exhibit 60 new oils and pastels from more than 125 works he created over the past 12 months. Among the works are paintings which have recently been juried in Tennessee, New Jersey and Minnesota. Another 25 pieces from the past four years will round out the exhibit titled “The Road to Kempton.”

The newest works include fifteen unique views of the Pinnacle in both oil and chalk pastel. Bond’s oeuvre has become synonymous with the Pinnacle, Kempton’s dominant topographical point and easily visible from the artist’s gallery. “People often inquire as to my fascination with the mountain. You can’t live in the Kempton area and not be affected by the peak. The sheer beauty is enough…and on top of that you use the mountain as a daily weather barometer. I look out the upper windows in the gallery and see the patterns in the clouds and atmosphere. And at the end of each day, the light fades beyond the Pinnacle and Hawk Mountain. Whether it’s signaled  by a glorious colored sunset or deep lowered clouds, I know I’ve made it through another day. It’s all good either way.”


Visitors to the gallery will see Bond’s depictions of farm animals and iconic images of the Kempton countryside. Images of arched bridges, fieldstone buildings and wooden fences painted in oil hang on the walls. The artist has also depicted one of his favorite resting spots in an isolated corner of landscape beneath Hawk Mountain.  A deeply bowed and bent apple tree nearly touches the ground. Bond has often used the tree as a place to linger while hiking throughout the countryside he calls home. “The tree is so much like the best people I’ve known. Worked hard and their bodies showed it. But they always bore good fruit.”


The Hawk Mountain Arts Tour and Sale is a self-drive tour throughout the northern Berks County region. More than 20 artisans and crafters will exhibit and offer their creations on Saturday, June 4, 2011 from 10am until 4pm. For more information and to download a map contact www.hawkmountain.org Bond’s art gallery and studio is located at 59 Kempton Road just outside the village of Kempton.


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